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Love and the body

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ISBN ISBN: 9789533060125
Uvez Uvez: meki
Godina izdanja Godina izdanja: 2018

O knjizi Love and the body

Western sexology has overlooked an extremely important detail in the background of our sex lives – the hormonal changes that accompany ordinary sexual intercourse strongly influence our love relationship and our behavior in general. Love has a physiological basis. Classic sex that is consumed through a pattern of arousal, climax, and postcoital depression endlessly depletes the physiology of love. At the basis of procreative sex that most people engage in there are hormonal changes that block the continuation of our longing for intimacy. In the long run, these hormonal changes create monotony in sex and a cooling down of the emotional relationship. They have also a negative influence on our health, enthusiasm, and work efficiency. However, another scenario is possible. This includes the prolongation of coitus, the experiencing of multiple whole-body orgasms, and love making that ends with the bypassing of local orgasms. By prolonging coitus, the levels of oxytocin, dopamine and endorphins become very high, which results in much greater pleasure and ecstasy, while by avoiding local orgasms and the release of prolactin, love and positive feelings persist long after sex. Procreative sex is just a shadow of our complete sexual potential. The majority of people never experience the full possibilities of physical, emotional and spiritual intimacy. By simple adjustment, you can bypass undesirable hormonal changes that occur after the climax of sexual intercourse. Tantra is the cultural standard that we should adopt without delay. In our upbringing, we did not receive real sexual education. Here is an opportunity to improve that.

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