NO MEEK MESSIAH - christianitys lies, laws and legacy (eng.)

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O knjizi NO MEEK MESSIAH - christianitys lies, laws and legacy (eng.)

The vast majority have not read their Bible. Many think they have; they are exposed to certain parts on Sundays, even being dedicated attendees of weekly Bible Study. But most are completely unaware, for instance, that the New Testament traces the parenthood of Jesus to mythical Adam and Eve. According to the anonymous author of Luke, a mere seventy-five generations separate Adam--and the beginning of the universe--from the birth of Jesus some 2,000 years ago. Devout churchgoers are certainly not taught of the racist, violent, immoral, and juvenile beliefs of Jesus. How many true Christians are aware Jesus refused to heal non-Hebrews; that the NT praises genocide; and that Jesus accused people of thought crimes? Most Christians think that only the Old Testament condones killing of disobedient children, strangely unaware that Jesus agrees with this immoral parenting perspective. The virgin mother claim in the Bible was simply ancient pre-Christian forgery. Christianity is demonstrably mostly a gaggle of plagiarisms gathered from many prior myths. Christian monks burned books for centuries, and most popes forbade reading books--including the Bible. Tens of millions of innocent men, women, and children were murdered by Christians, all in the name of saintly Jesus. And Jesus was no wise teacher, no meek Messiah

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